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Last night was a night of epic proportions at Ground Zero Teen Center.
My senior project closure was a huge success! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to everyone who came out and supported me and the bands. Roll The Credits played amazingly, and I had way too much fun singing with them. The audience was so energetic and responsive to us as well; it was such an indescribably good feeling! I’m used to performing in musical theater, where the audience is blanketed by darkness and I am in massive amounts of makeup and costume. A rock concert is very, very different from that; I was so close to the audience, I could have patted the front row on the head if I wanted to. But I liked that.
Time’s Asylum and Man Rockwell were also superb, it was really cool seeing them live.
I have videos of most of our performance below, courtesy of my mom.

The first is a video of our sound check. Looking back, it’s cool to see how many people were in the audience!

Kiss From A Rose – Seal

Refugee – Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers

I’m Not Lonely – Paul Stafford (my dad!)

My Medicine – Pretty Reckless



Let me start out by saying that I have a self-diagnosed disease: Senioritis. It’s been building up all year, and it’s been starting to reach an unbearable peak. Every day, I feel like this guy:

I believe this is actually a type of fish.

Anyways, when I’m not slumping around at school, I am rehearsing with Roll The Credits for my senior project closure. And guess what? You are invited! Click here to see the invite.
In case for some reason you do not have a facebook, here’s all a copy of the invitation:

Hello everyone! Please come to Ground Zero Teen Center on May 7th and support me and my fellow bandmates. Man Rockwell, Time’s Asylum, and Achates will be performing on this night, and I will be performing with Roll The Credits as my senior project closure. The show starts at 7 PM, and is 6$ at the door or 5$ with a can of food. I would really love to graduate, so please come rock out with us and dance the night away!
Here are the band’s facebook pages, check ‘em out (I can’t find Achates, so if anyone can, let me know)
Roll The Credits
Man Rockwell
Time’s Asylum

The more the merrier, I cannot wait to perform for all of you!

Poll Please

Hi everyone, happy Easter!
If you don’t celebrate Easter, that’s fine too. You can still enjoy the chocolate bunnies and the peeps. Warning, the following comic contains (one) profanity.


And this is pretty darn cute too.

Now for the poll. I feel that I need to check in with my viewers and see how they feel about my blog style. So if you could take a second and click your answer of choice, I would be thankful.

Silicon Girls

This weekend, I met with David Fure and Niko Stathakopoulos of the band Silicon Girls. They were a very lively duo, making my interviewing job all the more fun. Formed in September of 2010, the band name was originally supposed to be Silicone Girls, but a spelling mistake stuck and now they are well-known as Silicon girls. David rocks out on drums (without using toms, fills, or anything that sounds like name while he drums) and Niko plays guitar. Niko also plays that bouzouki and the singing saw, both of which are not found in your average band. Jake Matthews, their guitarist, was unable to meet with us, but is apparently really excellent at what he does. Silicon Girl’s favorite performance location is the Vera Project. The venue “feels more real”, and even though it is an all-ages venue, it seems as though the crowd is really coming just to see their music, not because they are friends with them (though Niko and David assured me that they will make friends with their audience afterwards). They cannot be pegged as sounding like one specific artists, and only perform their original tunes. Niko and David both have their own set of favorite artists, yet they are able to combine their different interests into one unique sound. When starting a band, Niko says that no one should “try to directly copy someone…even if they are your idol” and to “believe in your dreams”. David has a different approach: “being cute really gets you far”.
To check out their music, their band camp page is the perfect source. You can listen to them on Hollow Radio within the next couple weeks, and they have a performance at the Sky Church at the EMP on May 29th.

Nirvana at the EMP

Today, I took my dad to the EMP! This was his very first EMP experience, and what a great debut: the new Nirvana exhibit opened today at noon. To welcome the new gallery, us folks who run Sing Along Dance Along rocked out to grunge hits in the newly renovated Sky Church (my dad even danced in his own way). The new Sky Church screen is really amazing…basically a MASSIVE movie theater screen, instead of a series of panels like it used to be. While we self-moshed on the dance floor, images of the Nirvana band members loomed in the back of us. It felt like we were dedicating our dance to them.

The Nirvana exhibit is really stellar. There are so many obscure items within it: where does all of it come from, and how did the EMP get it? That’s what I want to know! For example, the angel figurine off the album In Utero stares at you from behind the glass as you walk by their concert equipment gallery.

Sure, she’s a little bit beat up from old age, but who wouldn’t be. More surprisingly rare items a ratty cardigan Kurt Cobain wore during one of his photo shoots, a garage-recording of a song he wrote when he was fifteen years old (titled Spank Thru), and drawings he made when he was in high school. The whole crowd walked around the gallery in silence, although there were no rules about keeping an “inside voice”. I’m sure they were feeling the same combination of awe and respect that bubbled in my heart. Walking through the exhibit was like being the ghost of Christmas past, present, and future; you can see where Nirvana started, what they became, and how they still impact society. All the photos and equipment leave you with an eerie feeling as you leave, as if you personally witness the rise and the fall of one of the world’s greatest bands.

Man Rockwell

With spring break behind me, I now have time to get back to my blogging. I also have time
to start working with Roll the Credits, that band I will be performing with for my senior project closure. A facebook invite will be created shortly, expect to see one soon!
I have already reported on one of the bands that will be performing on my closure night, Time’s Asylum. This weekend I email-interviewed the second performance of the night, a band by the name of Man Rockwell. Their band name, as stated by Norman Baker (vocals, guitar) is a “somewhat abstract play on words of a 20th century non-abstract painter’s name”. They started jamming in 2006, and now practice weekly at a practice space in SoDo (singer/songwriter Bobby Malvestudo shares the space with this band here as well). In creating a band, Norman says to “Just do it. Make sure you’re with people you enjoy, and have a great work ethic with. Be sure that you communicate well with each other and are on the same page stylistically with what the band is hoping to accomplish. Have fun, and don’t be stupid.” Man Rockwell pulls sound influence from artists such as Sonic Youth, The Cure and Buffalo Springfield. When asked how far they plan on taking their music career, Norman replies “Lake Titicaca”. That’s pretty far, if you ask me.
Band members:
Norman Baker – vocals, guitar – 29
Ryan Hamilton FitzSimmons – guitar, vocals – 27
Chris Pitzen – drums – 32
Adam Tricoli – bass – 29

Listen to their tunes on Amazon, CD Baby and itunes
Norman Baker’s solo project:

Mad World

Here is the youtube video of me and my boyfriend Jared performing “Mad World” at our school talent show. Being seniors, it was our last time on the International stage. I think we did well and I loved performing with him. The video is a little fuzzy, but the sound quality is still good.

I have been working with the band Roll The Credits to prepare for my senior project closure. Mark the date: May 7th, 7 PM at Ground Zero! I will making a facebook page soon.
This past week has been kind of a slump for band interviews, so if there are any local bands that would like to have some free promotion, I’m more than willing to help out!

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