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This is my first official post!  Geez, school really gets in the way of being a blogger.  I need to get my priorities straight…!

I had the pleasure of interviewing Felipe, the lead singer of the band Banquet of Heroes. For being my first interviewee, he should receive an award for being patient and very kind. I asked him ten basic questions, which can be interpreted from reading his responses (which are, may I say, quite fun to read). He has a lot of class and maturity for a sixteen year old: something that all you youngins should strive to be.
I now present to you an in-depth look at the past and present of the Banquet of Heroes, enjoy.

1. Our band is made up of four guys. We are all fifteen or sixteen years old. Chris plays bass and drums, Wes plays guitar, Drew plays drums and guitar, and I sing and play keys and guitar.
2. We came up with our band name in kind of a quirky way…we turned on the TV one day and the first thing that was said was “Welcome to the banquet of heroes!” . After a little bit of discussion it was decided that this name and us were meant to be together. I think it was Fanboy and Chum Chum so I guess the makers of that show deserve the credit…I think the quirky nature of our name is an indication of that childish happiness that we try to convey to our audience.
3. We have been together for about nine months now. It feels like way shorter, because it has been a really fun time going from four friends messing around to an actual ‘band’. We met at school; we had been pretty good friends all through junior high and we decided to get together and put on an act for the school talent show in our freshman year. We played a couple covers and had a really good time with it, and I think that’s when we knew that this was something we wanted to continue doing.
4. Like I said we play at school events such as talent shows and open mics, but our favorite shows are those at teen centers like the Old Redmond Firehouse or Ground Zero. We actually have an upcoming show at The Lab in Seattle on January 15th, we’d love to get a good crowd there.
5. We practice about once or twice a week, always in one of our garages. It gives us a feeling of creative comfort, especially when our moms make us cookies…
6. We never consciously try to model ourselves after anyone, but I think we can relate best to bands like Pavement, The Strokes, and Wolfmother. As weird of a combo as that is, I think they all share a common ability to make meaningful music that people can relate to, while still having powerful enough melodies and hooks to make people want to move. This is something that we are always trying to embody in our songs.
7. For someone who wants to start their own band, I would say find people with that same vision and passion for music as you, and good things are bound to happen. And always bring food to your practices…
8. I think every member of our band sees music as something that they want to pursue for the rest of their lives. We are all very passionate about not only music in general but creating our own. All four of us write songs, and I think our individual talents will ensure each of us a long-term relationship with music.
9. Our band goals are simply to keep making better and better music. Not only do we want to please our audiences but more importantly ourselves. We will simply continue writing songs and working to improve the ones we already have, and hopefully soon we will find the time to record an EP so that our music can be heard by a wider audience.
10. You can check us out in Seattle at The Lab on Jan. 15. More shows and other (sometimes) relevant information about the band can be found on our Facebook page.


Comments on: "Banquet of Heroes – First Interviewee Award!" (1)

  1. Josie Warden said:

    it’s so interesting to hear about how they come up with their songs! i looked them up on youtube and they’re pretty good!

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