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Celebra isn’t made up of teenagers, but these guys are cool enough to be inspirational to those younger than them. The following is an email-interview, capturing the personality and heart of the band through ten simple questions answered by Andrew.  Enjoy!

1. How many members are in your band, and what ages, and what does each person play?

There are three of us.  Nautilus (Andy) plays bass, Tim plays drums, and I play guitar.  I’m 24 and Tim and Nautilus are 27.

2. How did you come  up with your creative band name?

It’s a joke about snowboarding lingo or anyone who says “brah” a lot.  If they were to have a party it’d be a “celebra”-tion.

3. How long have you been together as a band, how did you meet eachother and put the band   together?

Tim and I have been playing this music for about a year now.  Nautilus joined in September.  We all used to live in Kodiak, Alaska.  I knew Nautilus through a mutual friend and even jammed with him a few times in Kodiak.  I really didn’t meet Tim until right before I moved to Washington (we actually met over the internet when he discovered some solo recordings of mine online).  Tim and Nautilus played in bands together in high school and in college.  When they moved to Bellingham they were both in a project called Rudy’s Hill; that was around 2002 or 2003.  When the guitarist left the band to find god they started a new project called the Marianas Anchor.  At about the time that project fizzled out I had moved to Bellingham in 2005.  Within a few month Tim and I were playing together in a project called Crossfox with Chris Vita who was playing second bass for Marianas Anchor.  Andy left Bellingham in 2006 to go fishing in Kodiak.  Crossfox lasted from Spring of 2006 until Summer of 2009.  When Crossfox broke up Tim and I kept playing with songs that went in a more technical direction.  Andy sold his boat and moved back to Bellingham in the fall and here we are several shows later.

4. Where do you usually perform, and do you have any upcoming shows?

So far nothing is booked.  We just finished playing three consecutive shows in Bellingham, Seattle, and Bellevue.   Usually we play house shows or at bars (the local dedicated all ages music space has been out of commission for the past ten months or so). 

5. How often do you practice together, and where at?

Tim and I live in the same house and we all just practice in our living room.  Usually after playing a few shows we get lazy and stop practicing until a week or two before the next show, then we practice nearly every day up until the show.  We had a house show on Thursday, a show at an art loft on Friday, and then the Ground Zero on Saturday.  We practiced Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday to get back in shape.  We’re planning on writing some new material and doing some recording this month so hopefully we won’t be taking such a long break.  It also helps when our schedules don’t get so busy with work or school or anything.

6. Who are your musical/performing influences?

Our major influences are “math rock” bands or “post hardcore” bands, but really we can draw influences from everything.  Lately, we’ve been listening to a lot of adult-contemporary from the 80’s, or “yacht rock”.  As for the band’s main sound, i’d say it’s a mix of faraquet, sonic youth, helms alee, engine down, and propagandhi.  We also draw influence from local bellingham acts like sweaty sweaters, karate kitchen, rooftops, and lands farther east.

7. What advice do you have for people trying to start their own band?

“leave it to the pros”…  just kidding.  Do it with your friends, make sure you’re cool with them and be ready to make compromises.  Being in a band is very similar to being in a relationship.  Don’t worry about what other people will think either.  Just keep it doing it as long as you’re happy doing it and make sure you find it interesting.  It doesn’t hurt to try to do something different from what others are doing either.  We like trying to write music that challenges us, that we find interesting, and we like trying to be a little unexpected.  It’s not like we don’t care what the audience thinks and we’re not trying to be virtuosos either; we just don’t think “accessible music” or “popular music” should mean musically vapid.

It also helps to book a show early on so you have a deadline to meet.  While playing music is definitely fun you will feel more satisfied if you treat it like a second, third, or fourth job.

8. How far do you plan on taking your musical career?

How ever far the winds take us on the sea of smooth music… or until someone flies us out to Michigan to get the 10 cent return on all the bottles and cans we’ve collected.  Really I hope to be involved with music for the rest of my life.  Tim has a B.S. in physics and Nautilus has his fisheries stuff so they have things to fall back on.  So far we’ve gotten some good responses from people but with things up in the air in our lives about employment and where we’re going to live and all it’s hard making the decision of how far we want to take this.  If we work hard enough I have no doubt we couldn’t get signed to a modest indie label or something, but even though it’s a fun thing to do it’s still a job and even if we did get signed that doesn’t mean quitting our day job, it just means our second job gets more intense.  We don’t really plan for the future much, especially since we’ve only gotten a little more serious in the last few weeks.  There’s a possibility of going on tour in the Spring but we haven’t really begun talking about it seriously.  As I said earlier, we’re planning on working on new material this month and recording older stuff.

9. What are your goals for the band?

see 8.

10. How can my blog readers listen to your music (is it online, any upcoming shows, etc.)?

We have some recordings at but they’re from back in march and before Nautilus joined the band.  I think we’ll have som updated stuff in January.

photo credit to branden lovejoy.


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  1. Josie Warden said:

    i love how they compare being in a band to being in a relationship! so clever!

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