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The Sonics (Part Two)

In the small, old fashioned red-velvet seated Capitol Theater of Olympia, my family and I awaited the arrival of The Sonics. The opening bands November Witch and The Dirty Birds seemed to tremble in anticipation for the coming of The Sonics as well. Everyone feels that The Sonic “Boom” needs to be seen to be believed.
And oh man, when they came onstage, my jaw dropped. I know these rockers weren’t going to be young, but could these sharply dressed elderly men really be THE band that we’ve been waiting for? All my doubts were smashed as soon as the opening riff of “He’s Waiting” pierced the air. The night continued on with their many hits, all of which I was familiar with, since my dad and I have rocked out to their tunes countless times. Currently, the members of The Sonics as they tour are as followed (and expanded upon in their official website): Jerry Roslie keys, lead vocals,  Rob Lind, sax, harp and vocals; Larry Parypa, guitar background vocals; Ricky Johnson, drums; Freddie Dennis bass and vocals. A side note about Freddie Dennis: he is such a rock star! Although he is not exactly…”vertically gifted” (I am allowed to say this, since I am a fellow short person), his voice could have taken down the whole theater. His screaming and pure rock vocals belonged on an AC/DC record, and I was just blown away!
Anyways, it has been said that The Sonics are the greatest rock band ever. Prior to this concert, I had assumed that statement was a matter of opinion, since MY belief was that The Beatles were by FAR the greatest rock band ever. Upon further studying of The Sonics, I found that The Beatles were huge fans of The Sonics. As if that was convincing enough, The Sonics were also beloved by The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana, and Bruce Springsteen, just to name a few. It can only be assumed that when Bruce Springsteen covers your song, you can consider your band to be the best.
There’s not many people who can say that they rang in the New Year with The Sonics. I consider myself extremely lucky to have shared such an epic night with these rock legends, singing and dancing the hours away.


Comments on: "The Sonics (Part Two)" (4)

  1. OMG! Looks like you put a lot of hard work into this blog. It looks great! Very informative! 🙂

  2. Sorry EM, but as you do have some portion of Stafford blood – you are indeed doomed to be vertically challenged. =) Uncle Matt

    Good job on the blog! you have a nice voice to your words.

  3. kawaiidesune said:

    omg i am so jealous you got to see the sonics!!!!
    i luv your blog!!

  4. Neal Kosaly-Meyer said:

    Great review! So great to know Freddie’s with the Sonics now. LIked your EMP piece also! Looking forward to more great work! And I’m quite intrigued re Happy Birthday Secret Weapon.

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