broadcasting local talent

Every Saturday, I volunteer at the Experience Music Project, a wonderfully, funky, amazing, music museum in Seattle. Although there’s many different aspects of the Museum, more than enough to fill several blogs, I will just write a bit about where I spend most of my volunteer time: The Sound Lab.
This room, located on the 3rd level of the museum, is basically just chock-full of instruments. There’s different small rooms that allow people to jam with each other within the privacy of sound proof walls. There are mini stations where you can learn to play an instrument (guitar, bass, keyboard, vocals, djing, etc.). Personally, when I’m not helping people out, I usually try to play around with the dj equipment. It’s really exciting to see people of every age rocking out. Music really is what brings people together (cue hippie music).
Also, I get to do this really awesome thing: DANCE during my volunteer shift! During my very first day of volunteering, I was invited to join the SADA dance team, which currently consists of the VSRs (awesome EMP workers) and myself. At 2 PM, we crank up the music in the Sky Church and have a dance party, inviting all the museum-goers to join us. It’s the best thing ever; so many smiles and dance moves, what could be better?
Here are some photos of me and the crew dancing!


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