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My First Lab

Four words: The Lab is awesome.

Located at the back of The Seattle Drum School, where one can buy a t-shirt for 5 cents (yes, yes. 5 cents), this concert space is small, comfy, and a perfect place to get up close and personal with the bands! The evening started out with Catalyst, a band composed of scrappy younglings (well, most likely young teenagers, maybe I’ll find out their exact age later). Although they announced that their lead singer was missing, the guitar player took over the vocals, and executed the songs quite nicely. They covered Are You Gonna Be My Girl, Dani California, Smells Like Teen Spirit, Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked, and Seven Nation Army. Jared took photos while I silently rocked out.
The second band, Nautilus, grabbed the stage afterwards and commanded our attention with their jiving beat punctuated with sublime-style vocals. With all original songs, they had many different styles and vibes to offer. (I’m currently trying to contact them for an interview).

Lastly was my previous interviewees, Banquet of Heroes. Thank goodness they had recognized me before their show, I really appreciated being introduced to all of the band mates! Closing the evening with a bang, Banquet really has a unique, amazing sound. If you want to re-learn about their past/present/future, check out my article. I thoroughly enjoyed all their original songs, and even stood up to dance during their cover of “All These Things That I’ve Done”. Also appreciated was their cover of “Teenage Dream”: it was really refreshing to hear male vocals on a Katy Perry song!

This is Felipe, the (amazing) lead singer/guitar
This is Wes, the kick-butt guitarist This is Chris, the multi-talented dude And this is Drew, drummer/guitarist (he wrote a song too!)

Here is a sound clip of one my favorite songs of theirs, titled “Wake Up”.Wake Up (live)


Comments on: "My First Lab" (3)

  1. lafenetre said:

    sounds like a cool band!

  2. Amit Burstein said:

    Cool article! I’m from Nautilus, and we’d love to do an interview. 🙂

  3. We are 13 and 14. Thanks for the review glad to hear you had fun!

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