broadcasting local talent

Los Gentlemen

Jackson Main is a dear friend of mine. When I was a sophomore, we were in a Talent Show “gig” together, and we rocked. Back then, he was playing the drums. Now, he’s a triple threat: he plays guitar, he plays drums, he sings, and can probably do just about anything else related to musical talent.
I haven’t been able to spend much time with him since he switched high schools, but last week I was fortunate enough to meet with him at Starbucks and talk about his current band happenings.
Los Gentlemen, recently renamed from the former title Gentlemen Gaga, is comprised of Jackson, his brother TJ, and Owen. Brought together by the School of Rock, these three started up their band last year by performing at a high school talent show. You can catch them at the Vera Project, Sunset Tavern, the Crocodile, and the Old Firehouse (one of Jackson’s personal faves). Although they have currently been doing covers, they try to focus on an old punk sound.
Jackson suggests that teens interested in getting involved in their music community should really look into hanging out at their local teen center, as it is easy to form connections with kids with similar interests.

To hear the full interview, please check out my first audio sound clip! Warning: I sound like a total derp. But Jackson sounds calm and collected, which makes up for my awkwardness. Pics of Los Gentlemen coming soon!
JacksonMain <— click his name for the audio recording


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