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Today I introduce to you the young but mighty band, Catalyst. They performed first at The Lab show I keep talking about. They owned the stage the minute they arrived, and although their lead singer Kofi was unable to go to the performance, Logan (the lead guitarist, and my email-interviewee) took the high road and did vocals as well as rock the guitar. Kristian and Ryan are also very talented at their instruments, bass and drums respectively. Their cover songs would have made the original artists proud!
Here’s some visual imagery of their awesomeness:

And here’s the email interview between me and Logan. Good readings!

1. We are a 4 piece band. There’s Kristian who plays bass and sometimes guitar, Ryan who plays drums, me (Logan) who plays lead guitar and percussion, and Kofi who sings and has dreads. We are all 13 or 14 years old.

2. Well I was in LA/SS (history) and my teacher announced “this would be the Catalyst of our WWI module”. I then looked up the definition and sold it to the rest of the crew and now we are Catalyst.

3. We met at school and me and kristian have been in about 3 other bands over the past 2 years but we met our 2 snazzy new members about 5 months ago.

4. We just played a show at this sick place called the LAB featuring banquet of heroes and nautilus who were both tough acts to open for being so awesome. We have a show at the OFH in late February but no conformed date yet.

5. We practice once or twice a week in the school band room or our drummers garage.

6. We have influences from all over the place. There’s cage the elephant, aerosmith, metallica, wolfmother, soundgarden. The list goes on and on but we have a wide range of musical interest.

7. Just have fun with it. Follow the course and take the ride. As my good pal from banquet of heroes (Felipe) says pretend a gig is just your garage and it was good advice to just be comfortable with it.

8. I doubt it would be easy to find someone that wouldn’t pay to be a rockstar but we are just chillin and havin fun playin what we want so wherever we end up is fine with us and if that ends up as rockstar than sweet, we do everything right and we get cool nicknames.
9. Our goals would probably be to sell a fairly decent about of albums and probably to play Showbox at the market or maybe even Bumbershoot but that’s far ahead for now.

10. We will be posting our demos and live recordings on our Facebook page pretty soon and like I said before we have a show or two in the near future of which details will also be posted on our Facebook page.


Comments on: "Catalyst" (3)

  1. Thanks Emily!

  2. I saw these little dudes at the l.a.b. They were really good for there age!

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