broadcasting local talent

Good news! Building The Band is now accessible from The Bellevue Reporter website! I am very excited about this.

Seussical was a success, and I’m very proud to have been a part of this production. I feel as though it is the best musical we have put on so far at the International School, and with our wonderful director, I’m sure there will be many more wonderful plays to follow. Here’s a few videos of yours truly, Gertrude McFuzz.

As I mentioned before, my leading man (or should I say…elephant) is the lead singer of the band Time’s Asylum. This local band, composed of Jonny Koch (Lead Vocals, Guitar & Piano), Ben Guyer (Bass Guitar/Production), and Zach Burrill (Percussion) was brought together through mutual musical interest and neighborly bonding, and they have been rocking out ever since. Despite their demanding high school lives, the members of Time’s Asylum find the time to connect and collaborate over original lyrics and riffs. A band of many influences and heroes, they tend to focus on a solid rock sound. They have recently auditioned for the Eastside Battle of the Bands, and they will have a live performance at Ground Zero on February 19th.

To hear the full interview, click here:
To hear a sample of this band’s tunes, click here:
Fun Fact: The name Time’s Asylum was thought of by Jonny’s mom, Liz Koch, a creative mastermind and mom extraordinaire.


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