broadcasting local talent

Old Firehouse in Redmond

Last night, my friend Josie and I went to our first concert at the Old Firehouse in Redmond. It was surprisingly close to our houses in Bellevue, though we always tend to get lost when we drive together…

Our experience was pretty much the exact opposite of our time at Ground Zero. Granted that it was “Valentine’s night”, there were lots of cookies, cupcakes, and pink paper hearts to be found around the large, open venue. Most of the performers were girls who played the piano or guitar acoustically, and the all-around feel was very mellow and relaxed. A far, far cry from the hardcore performance of adults at Ground Zero a month ago. The funny thing is, I doubt the Old Firehouse is always chill and girlie, and I also doubt that Ground Zero is always screamingly loud and full of adults.
Anyways, I was fortunate enough to meet and interview Lena Palladina, whose interview I will be posting within a day or so.


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