broadcasting local talent

Lena Palladina

As I wrote in my previous article, “Valentine’s Night” at the Old Firehouse in Redmond marked my very first Redmond teen center concert. A few days prior to the concert, I had emailed the folks at the OFH, inquiring which artist I should do an interview with. They suggested Lena Palladina to me, an OFH regular. We exchanged several emails, and I could already tell that this girl was a sweetheart! Watching her perform live was quite an experience: she looks like a Lena should look, sounds kind of like a Regina Spektor, and treats the audience like they are her personal friends. With cute, upbeat original songs and catchy piano tunes, Lena proved herself to be a unique singer and songwriter.

After her performance, we found a semi-quiet corner to sit down and have a chat. I was surprised to find out that Lena was born in Russia, and has been playing piano since the tender age of four. Spending a lot of time at the OFH really helped her to grow into herself as an artist, and as a performer. To hear our full interview, click here: Lena


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