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Stuck On a Bus

This Sunday, I met with the band Stuck On a Bus, who will be performing at the Battle of The Bands on March 18th at the Old Firehouse in Redmond. We had a bit of a snafu meeting up; our planned located of the OFH turned out to be a fail, who knew that it would be closed on Sundays…
Anyways, thank goodness for their kind mothers who accompanied us on the interview, as we were able to find a Starbucks and have our chat (the reason why there is some Aretha Franklin and coffee machines blaring through behind our voices on the audio clip). I sat down with Chase (vocalist), Kyle (guitarist) and Lydia (bass), three gracious and energetic band members (the other two who could not make it are cool too, I’m sure). These three besties-ages 13, 15, and 16 respectively- met through the School of Rock, where they acquired quality instrumental and performance skills (“It’s not fun to watch a band that doesn’t move” says Chase). Although they mostly cover songs, though they plan on writing their own material soon “Covering songs is just like getting tight as a band…if you don’t cover songs, then you don’t really get to know each other as well…don’t know each other’s limits,” says Kyle. With influences from bands such as Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Alice in Chains, and Radiohead, they are certain that they “get more response when [they] play classic hits”. They frequent venues such as the High Dive and The Crocodile, and haven’t really expanded outwards from Seattle (but everyone knows Seattle is the coolest place for music, so why move?). Most shows are 21 and over, but they have more fun when their shows are all ages, so that their friends can actually hear them perform live. Although they do not get together to practice as much as they’d like, they sure have a blast when they do have a chance to practice together. Chase describes being in a band as being “a rush”, and Lydia has found strength as a live performer through practice. And Kyle, well, he has been having fun bouncing between bands and mastering his epic guitar skills.

To hear the full interview, click here!StuckOnaBus


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