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Fall By

On a stormy Wednesday afternoon, I met with Brian Hitchens, lead guitarist of the rock band Fall By.
The band is composed as follows:
Lead/Rhythm Guitar: Brian Hitchens, Samammish HS, 16 years old
Lead Vocals: Melanie Morris, Lake Washington HS, 16 years old
Bass Guitar: Philip Snyder, Odea HS, 15 years old
Drums: Henry LaVallee, Mercer Island HS, 14 years old.
The four have been together as a band for about a year and a quarter, originally brought together by Brian’s guitar teacher and Philip’s drum teacher. So far their show venues include Showbox Sodo, Studio 7 and the Kirkland Performance Center. They perform original songs, though they have been covering “Hysteria” by Muse (and who wouldn’t? That song is awesome). The creative process behind the original tunes is that they all write songs through chord progressions, one idea leads to another, and then Melanie writes lyrics and melodies. Brian defines their song as rock/alternative rock, with artist heroes such as 30 Seconds to Mars and Muse. Their main goal as a band is to have fun and enjoy themselves, and Brian states that in order to be part of a band, “you have to open to everyone’s ideas, because if you want to be in a band, you have to listen”. Also, practicing often is a necessity, and to be “Consistent and Cooperative: The Two C’s”, Brian laughs. You can check out their music on facebook and on their website.

Check out our full interview here:Fall By


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  1. I really like that song too. thanks for introducing me to this band!

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