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Roll The Credits

As much as I love to meet and interview new people, I always get a little nervous prior to the first rendez-vous. But when I showed up at the Old Firehouse to meet the band members of Roll The Credits, all my anxiety dissipated the moment that they greeted me. With handsome smiles and uplifting, positive energy, the band mates each introduced themselves to me right off the bat. Not only are these boys punctual and polite; they also rock.
The five band mates connected over facebook about five months ago (the power of the internet is amazing), and have been inseparable since. The band name Roll The Credits was decided upon after much deliberation, as it is often true that the “Best music of any movie comes at the end”. Even though the majority of the boys go to the same school, they insist that “music brought [their] band together…[and they] wouldn’t actually know each other without it”. The band is comprised of Aravind Parasurama – Saxophone, Keys, Colin Malaska – Bass, Colton Stapper – Guitar, vocals, Jacob McCaslin – Lead guitar, lead vocals and Will Gerlach – Drums. They have all learned their musical instruments independently, and usually practice at Will’s house since he has the drum set and the space. Colin, Jacob, and Colton have played in coffee shops and lounges acoustically within Seattle and Kirkland, which helps them to get their (and the band’s) music out to local areas. Their first performance as a band was at Studio 7, which was an interesting experience for them, as they were the only teenagers there. Will compares the overall feel of that show as “being at a show in guitar hero” with the dingy lights and crazy crowd. Although the people in charge of the club wanted to cut them off early because they were young, lots of people wanted to “let them play”, which proves that they can appeal to audiences way outside their age range.
All five boys have completely different tastes in music, from electronic to blues to hard rock, and all of their genres together “sounds like a blender”. Currently, they stick to just performing Jacob’s songs, as he is the main mastermind writer (though they all put their own flavor into the final product). “Everyone has been able to come together through [Jacob’s Style], even if we didn’t play that kind of style before” – the band mates express themselves through their incorporation and interpretation of his sound. When they eventually reach the recording studio, they want to come together to create an original sound, but a different kind of mix on each track that echoes each band mate’s style. Colin states that it is vital to “learn your basic theory work, and then just be in a band because you love to play music”, which I think is excellent advice. Aravind’s advice for performing? “Have fun and look like your having fun….and keep your shirt on!”
To hear our full interview, click here:Roll The Credits


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  1. Neal Kosaly-Meyer said:

    Nice work again, Emily. I too am duly impressed at how much the internet make the band-forming process so much quicker and more efficient!

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