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Dose Of Redemption

Last Monday, I met up with three members from Dose of Redemption; a newly formed band that competed in the Eastside Battle of The Bands. Jordan (guitar) , Colter (drums) and Drew (bass), all seventeen years of age, chatted with me about the formation of their band, mostly through the aid of School of The Rock (not to be confused with school OF rock) at the Northwest University Church. The two other members of the band are Austin (lead vocals) and Seth (second guitar). Their cool band name was brought about using a Band name generator. They have only had one official gig at a Retirement Party, but are planning on going into studio and working out new recordings soon. At the Eastside Battle of The Bands, Dose of Redemption mixed covers (including an Evanescence song, performed in a manly-er way with their lead singer, Austin, which I enjoyed) with originals. Coming together to write an original piece can be tough, as each instrument player can only “speak” with their instrument. Despite these challenges, the band has decided that they want to focus on a hard rock sound. On being part of a band, Drew insists that you have to be good at instrument to be “cohesive” with another band, and when performing, Colter says to be aware of the audience’s feelings: “If you have fun, the audience is going to have fun”. Similary, Drew states that loving music translates into having fun playing music, and “If [the audience] sees you enjoying it, then they are going to enjoy it too”. As for creating an awesome song? “Practice and it won’t be seen as a chore!” says Jordan. I found that this was true, as watching Dose of Redemption live was an extremely fun experience.
They are also currently working on creating a facebook page and getting some band photos.
To hear our interview, click here:DoseofRedemption


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