broadcasting local talent

This past Friday, I rushed to the Eastside Battle Of The Bands directly from my school’s talent show (where I had sung “Mad World” with Jared the pianist). I arrived at about 8:30, just in time to watch the tail end of Fall By performing live. They were doing Hysteria, but with a cool twist, since their lead singer is a cool (with awesome vibrant red hair, might I add). Fall By had a lot of energy, and their singer was very confident in her movements. Next came the band Running With Scissors, whom I was unfamiliar with (the one competing band that I did not get to interview!), whose originality I much enjoyed. While rocking out in the crowd, I ran into a couple band members of Roll The Credits, whom I am now planning my senior project closure with! I was disappointed that I had missed their live performance (and I also missed Stuck On A Bus! Sad day!), but I’m sure I will be hearing plenty of them while we rehearse for the concert (mark your calendars for May 7th- we are having a concert at Ground Zero!). I went into the “acoustic zone” to hear MINT perform. I got to hear them do their own version of KIDS by MGMT and The Cave by Mumford and Sons, as well as their original song about a failed first kiss. The final performance of the night was Dose of Redemption, who opened with an Evanescence hit, sung by their lead vocalist (yes, he is a guy singing Evanescence, and it sounded awesome!). I’m sad to say that I can’t remember specifically their other songs, as I was busy dancing and mingling. The night wrapped up when they announced that Running With Scissors won the competition. I know it’s cliché to say, but I truly believe that all the bands should have won a prize for their performances. If the award was won it terms of audience enjoyment, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t all have gotten prizes, because we were all lovin’ it! If anyone has any recordings/sound clips of these bands, please contact me.


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