broadcasting local talent

Whitney Ballen

Greetings beloved viewers!
Sorry for the delay in blog articles, this past weekend I was very busy with my school’s talent show. With a performance on both Friday and Saturday night, needless to say, my weekend disappeared before I knew it. I will be uploading the performance onto YouTube soon so I can show everyone…
Somewhere between school and talent show, I wound up with the student’s worst enemy: a cold. My latest interviewee was unable to meet up in person due to her busy schedule, which is probably for the best, since I am in no condition to be chatting with a nice healthy person. No one wants to be interviewed by a droopy looking ragamuffin wrapped in a Winnie The Pooh blanket.
Since her email responses to my questions were a joy to read as-is, I decided just to directly paste them onto this article, so that you can read her words literally word-for-word.
So here you go, a small window into the vast creative mind of Whitney Ballen, a girl whom I was extremely impressed with when I saw her perform live at the Old Fire House a couple months ago.

My first performance was at the Old Fire House in 2005, when I was in ninth grade. Before this I had only really performed to myself, by myself, when nobody was home in my bedroom (which is mostly still the case, haha). I started attending shows at the Old Fire House when I was in 8th grade because one of my friends brother’s had a band who played a show there once, and after that I started coming back and meeting people who liked similar music as me.

I’ve never taken any vocal lessons. My mother used to make my sister and I take piano lessons, but I didn’t learn anything that I can remember today except that it isn’t good to “bang on the piano” or “slam the top shut.”

I don’t think I’ve ever sat down to “write a song.” I like to keep a journal of words though, whether it is in my phone “notebook” or in my school notebooks. From single words I form songs.

I have been performing at teen centers on the east side since I began, but I have also performed at many venues in Seattle such as the Vera Project, SIFF, Skylark club, and the Greenhouse. I do not have any announced upcoming shows yet. Since I have been working on a new album since last June (2010), I have tried to keep shows at a minimum, but I can say that my next show will be my vinyl and album release show, and will include a full band!

I used to go to Seattle and see shows all of the time but unfortunately school and work have kept me from doing so these days. But, I have always adored seeing local bands play, especially acoustic folk artists like Laura Veirs, and Mount Eerie.

I guess it is always important to remember why you are playing music, or why you want to perform for people…. Don’t try to form a band just because you want to tell people you are in a band. There must be a reason, some desire.

I will let the wind take me where it is supposed to go, and I’m just along for the ride.

I have a few songs posted on my sonic bids website and some older songs on my music myspace page, but all of these will be updated with songs from my new album “White Feathers, White Linens” when it is released!


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  1. SneakGR1ZZLY said:

    I’m looking forward to hearing your performance Emily.
    Please put it up soon!!

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