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Man Rockwell

With spring break behind me, I now have time to get back to my blogging. I also have time
to start working with Roll the Credits, that band I will be performing with for my senior project closure. A facebook invite will be created shortly, expect to see one soon!
I have already reported on one of the bands that will be performing on my closure night, Time’s Asylum. This weekend I email-interviewed the second performance of the night, a band by the name of Man Rockwell. Their band name, as stated by Norman Baker (vocals, guitar) is a “somewhat abstract play on words of a 20th century non-abstract painter’s name”. They started jamming in 2006, and now practice weekly at a practice space in SoDo (singer/songwriter Bobby Malvestudo shares the space with this band here as well). In creating a band, Norman says to “Just do it. Make sure you’re with people you enjoy, and have a great work ethic with. Be sure that you communicate well with each other and are on the same page stylistically with what the band is hoping to accomplish. Have fun, and don’t be stupid.” Man Rockwell pulls sound influence from artists such as Sonic Youth, The Cure and Buffalo Springfield. When asked how far they plan on taking their music career, Norman replies “Lake Titicaca”. That’s pretty far, if you ask me.
Band members:
Norman Baker – vocals, guitar – 29
Ryan Hamilton FitzSimmons – guitar, vocals – 27
Chris Pitzen – drums – 32
Adam Tricoli – bass – 29

Listen to their tunes on Amazon, CD Baby and itunes
Norman Baker’s solo project:


Comments on: "Man Rockwell" (2)

  1. Annonymous said:

    Wow, they sound really good…and I’m liking the beards.

  2. Woodchuck Todd said:

    They sound great! I really like his voice!
    Your closure is going to be FANTASTIC!

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