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Silicon Girls

This weekend, I met with David Fure and Niko Stathakopoulos of the band Silicon Girls. They were a very lively duo, making my interviewing job all the more fun. Formed in September of 2010, the band name was originally supposed to be Silicone Girls, but a spelling mistake stuck and now they are well-known as Silicon girls. David rocks out on drums (without using toms, fills, or anything that sounds like name while he drums) and Niko plays guitar. Niko also plays that bouzouki and the singing saw, both of which are not found in your average band. Jake Matthews, their guitarist, was unable to meet with us, but is apparently really excellent at what he does. Silicon Girl’s favorite performance location is the Vera Project. The venue “feels more real”, and even though it is an all-ages venue, it seems as though the crowd is really coming just to see their music, not because they are friends with them (though Niko and David assured me that they will make friends with their audience afterwards). They cannot be pegged as sounding like one specific artists, and only perform their original tunes. Niko and David both have their own set of favorite artists, yet they are able to combine their different interests into one unique sound. When starting a band, Niko says that no one should “try to directly copy someone…even if they are your idol” and to “believe in your dreams”. David has a different approach: “being cute really gets you far”.
To check out their music, their band camp page is the perfect source. You can listen to them on Hollow Radio within the next couple weeks, and they have a performance at the Sky Church at the EMP on May 29th.


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  1. SneakGR1ZZLY said:

    I happen to prefer Silicon myself too!

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