broadcasting local talent

Last night was a night of epic proportions at Ground Zero Teen Center.
My senior project closure was a huge success! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to everyone who came out and supported me and the bands. Roll The Credits played amazingly, and I had way too much fun singing with them. The audience was so energetic and responsive to us as well; it was such an indescribably good feeling! I’m used to performing in musical theater, where the audience is blanketed by darkness and I am in massive amounts of makeup and costume. A rock concert is very, very different from that; I was so close to the audience, I could have patted the front row on the head if I wanted to. But I liked that.
Time’s Asylum and Man Rockwell were also superb, it was really cool seeing them live.
I have videos of most of our performance below, courtesy of my mom.

The first is a video of our sound check. Looking back, it’s cool to see how many people were in the audience!

Kiss From A Rose – Seal

Refugee – Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers

I’m Not Lonely – Paul Stafford (my dad!)

My Medicine – Pretty Reckless


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