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Hi everyone!  I just made a little poll, so if you could take a second and check it out, I would greatly appreciate it.  I need the feedback for my senior project, so just think; by voting, you’re helping me graduate!

If you just voted, thank you so much for your honesty and support.
I am now emailing and scheduling interviews with the bands participating in the Eastside Battle of The Bands. And if anyone feels like they need some musical adventure, you should visit me at the Experience Music Project in Seattle!


An Arizona break…

There will be a brief (well, week-long) intermission from my blog, as I will be in sunny Arizona.

After I return from the land of saguaro, I will bring to you interviews from Special Explosion and Whitney Ballen. Until then, adios amigos, and I will try to send the Arizona sun your way. Also, I would definitely appreciate a comment from anyone who would like some band coverage! And just comments in general so I know how I’m doing with this here blog.

So happy Mid-Winter break to everyone who has it, and for those who don’t, I wish you the best of luck next week in whatever you are doing!

Lena Palladina

As I wrote in my previous article, “Valentine’s Night” at the Old Firehouse in Redmond marked my very first Redmond teen center concert. A few days prior to the concert, I had emailed the folks at the OFH, inquiring which artist I should do an interview with. They suggested Lena Palladina to me, an OFH regular. We exchanged several emails, and I could already tell that this girl was a sweetheart! Watching her perform live was quite an experience: she looks like a Lena should look, sounds kind of like a Regina Spektor, and treats the audience like they are her personal friends. With cute, upbeat original songs and catchy piano tunes, Lena proved herself to be a unique singer and songwriter.

After her performance, we found a semi-quiet corner to sit down and have a chat. I was surprised to find out that Lena was born in Russia, and has been playing piano since the tender age of four. Spending a lot of time at the OFH really helped her to grow into herself as an artist, and as a performer. To hear our full interview, click here: Lena

Old Firehouse in Redmond

Last night, my friend Josie and I went to our first concert at the Old Firehouse in Redmond. It was surprisingly close to our houses in Bellevue, though we always tend to get lost when we drive together…

Our experience was pretty much the exact opposite of our time at Ground Zero. Granted that it was “Valentine’s night”, there were lots of cookies, cupcakes, and pink paper hearts to be found around the large, open venue. Most of the performers were girls who played the piano or guitar acoustically, and the all-around feel was very mellow and relaxed. A far, far cry from the hardcore performance of adults at Ground Zero a month ago. The funny thing is, I doubt the Old Firehouse is always chill and girlie, and I also doubt that Ground Zero is always screamingly loud and full of adults.
Anyways, I was fortunate enough to meet and interview Lena Palladina, whose interview I will be posting within a day or so.

Good news! Building The Band is now accessible from The Bellevue Reporter website! I am very excited about this.

Seussical was a success, and I’m very proud to have been a part of this production. I feel as though it is the best musical we have put on so far at the International School, and with our wonderful director, I’m sure there will be many more wonderful plays to follow. Here’s a few videos of yours truly, Gertrude McFuzz.

As I mentioned before, my leading man (or should I say…elephant) is the lead singer of the band Time’s Asylum. This local band, composed of Jonny Koch (Lead Vocals, Guitar & Piano), Ben Guyer (Bass Guitar/Production), and Zach Burrill (Percussion) was brought together through mutual musical interest and neighborly bonding, and they have been rocking out ever since. Despite their demanding high school lives, the members of Time’s Asylum find the time to connect and collaborate over original lyrics and riffs. A band of many influences and heroes, they tend to focus on a solid rock sound. They have recently auditioned for the Eastside Battle of the Bands, and they will have a live performance at Ground Zero on February 19th.

To hear the full interview, click here:
To hear a sample of this band’s tunes, click here:
Fun Fact: The name Time’s Asylum was thought of by Jonny’s mom, Liz Koch, a creative mastermind and mom extraordinaire.

A little update

Tonight is the opening night of Seussical.
Goodness gracious.

Yep, that’s me as Gertrude Mcfuzz. Jared Chang was nice enough to watch our final rehearsal and take some cast photos, resulting in these gems.

Yes, we are all very excited to finally perform for an audience!

On a more blog-related note, Building The Band will be accessible from the Bellevue Reporter website soon! Also, I am in contact with people from The Vera Project, and hopefully I will be attending my first concert there soon. And, as I said before, I will be interviewing my theater love interest Jonny Koch to get the scoop on his band, Time’s Asylum.

Gertrude Mcfuzz, signing off!

Seussical (The Musical)

Today’s article is on a different subject than usual. I am going to be telling you about my current life happenings, which revolve around Seussical!
This my last high school musical theater show, and I feel very bittersweet about that. Here I am, the senior, supposedly the “top dog” of the school theater business, and I’m wishing that I could do it all over again (mostly thanks to my wonderful new director, Karen McClain).
To those of you who are unfamiliar with Seussical and did not wish to click on the link I provided, I shall sum it up in two sentences: The Cat in The Hat guides Jojo (from Horton Hears A Who) on a journey, revolving around Horton the Elephant, Gertrude McFuzz, Mayzie La Bird and many other jungle friends. There’s a happy ending and Horton and Gertrude McFuzz have a very cute finale, and all the Whos live happily ever after.
Okay that wasn’t a top-notch description, I guess you’ll just have to see the show to find out all the things I left out!

Kidding! Unless you want to of course. In that case, please get in contact with me and I’ll gladly hook you up with some tickets.
If you were wondering, I am playing the role of Gertrude McFuzz, the awkward and affectionate leading lady who would do anything for her adored Horton. Did I mention that Gertrude is a bird? Because she is.
I’m guessing I got cast as her, because we look so much alike.

Am I right?
Nah, okay but really, I am having a fun time with my role. When else would I have the chance to sing my heart out to Jonny Koch (my Horton), who just happens to be the lead singer of the band Time’s Asylum? And where else could I prance around with a long tail and feathers? Onstage, that’s where!

If there’s one thing that Seussical has taught me, it is the following equation.
Elephant+Bird= Elephant Bird

And the show never really explains how this little baby creature is born. He was abandoned while he was in his egg, and when Horton cared for the egg, suddenly the baby became…and Elepant AND a bird. Oh the mysteries of theater (and Dr. Seuss).

Upcoming interviews include Time’s Asylum and December Rain, stay tuned!

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